Africa's Best Organics Texture My Way No-Lye No-Mix Texturizing System Kit

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AFRICA'S BEST ORGANICS No-Lye / No-Mix Organic Conditioning Texturizing System. One strength for all hair textures. (Net contents: One complete application)

Texturizing Kit for Women

. Protects ends from unwanted straightening and over processing

. Organic conditioning moisturizes, strengthens and protects hair from damage:

. Shea butter

. Tea-Tree oil

. Vitamin E

. Silk Protein

. Jojoba Oil

. Egg Protein

. Cholesterol

Curl it up, Wave it down, Twist it are in control. Puts you in control of your texture, helps you achieve your desired texture each time you texturize. Beautiful textured styles in less than 20 minutes.

Easy to follow directions for texturizing hair to create:

. Large and small waves

. Tight or loose curls

. Straighter molded styles

. Softened texture for twists


1. Texture Control Pre-Texturizing Application

2. Texturizing Creme

3. Neutralizing shampoo

4. hair mayonnaise Conditioner

5. Curl Keeper Moisturizing Lotion

6. Instructions/Gloves


. Two Towels

. Timer or Watch

. Comb

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STEP 1. ON PREVIOUSLY TEXTURIZED HAIR: Smooth a quarter-size amount of Texture Control Pre-texturizing Application (step 1) over the ends for your hair. This will help protect your ends from straightening.

OVER VIRGIN HAIR: DO NOT USE Texture Control Pre-Texturizing Application. Process to STEP 2.

STEP 2. SEE APPLICATION TIME CHART. Starting at the nape of your neck, using the back of your comb, gently spread Texturizing creme (STEP 2) over hair in an upward motion. Apply quickly and evenly to the back of hair. Avoid direct contact with scalp. Once the entire back is completely covered, starting at the crown of your head, spread texturizing creme over hair in a downward motion (toward your ear). Once both sides are done, finish by spreading from the top down to front of hair. Entire head should be completely covered with Texturizing Creme.

SEE TIME CHART FOR PROCESSING TIME. Starting at the nape of neck, in an upward motion, gently comb texturizing creme throughout the back of your hair. Once creme has been thoroughly combed through the back of the hair, begin combing from the crown of the head in a downward motion until texturizing creme is thoroughly combed throughout hair. DO NOT OVERCOMB or your texture will become straighter. Without exceeding the proceeding time, allow texturizing creme to sit on your hair until you see your desired curl pattern forming.

NOTE FOR VIRGIN HAIR ONLY: Virgin hair may take slightly longer to texturize. If desired curl pattern has not formed by the end of the processing time, use the back of the com or hands to gently smooth hair until a loose curl pattern is achieved. Do not process longer than 8 additional minutes or hair may become too straight.

STEP 3: Thoroughly rinse Texturizing Creme from hair with lukewarm water. BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL TRACES OF CREME. gently apply later in neutralizing shampoo (step 3). Rinse and repeat. Make sure that all creme has been shampooed from hair. Towel blot hair.

STEP 4: Generously apply organics hair mayonnaise conditioner (step 4) on hair. Leave in for one minute, then rinse thoroughly. Towel blot hair.

STEP 5: Apply a generous amount of Curl Keeper Moisturizing lotion (step 5), massaging into hair and scalp. Style as desired.


STEP 1: Apply about a dime size amount of texture contro

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