Biocare Labs Strong Ends Honey Shea Butter NoLye conditioning Relaxer kit: 2 App

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Why Honey? 4 Repairing Actions

1. Deep Hydration

2. Hair Strengthener 

3. Anti-Breakage

4. Fights Splits Ends 


Honey Benefits: Honey is a humectant which allows moisture to be retained in the hair fiber. Honey allows hydration while infusing vitamins and minerals giving your hair an excellent sheen. 

Shea Butter: Moisture Sealer, Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory and therapeutic qualities that soothe the scalp during the relaxer process. It protects the hair against damage from the sun and is great for softening dry brittle hair. 

Strong Ends relaxer kit contains: 

  • No-lye realxer
  • Activator
  • Neutralizing shampoo
  • Leave in COnditioner
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